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1) For new patients* an initial 1 hour appointment enables us to take relevant ocular history and discuss what you would like to achieve from wearing lenses.  The ocular health of your eye will be recorded, which includes size and shape of your eye, tear quality and quantity assessment and recording all aspects of your cornea, eyelids and sclera.

2) We then discuss with you various options for contact lens fitting.  If you are happy to proceed you will be shown how to handle your lens for cleaning, together with the procedure for inserting and removing the lens from your eye.  This can take up to a further hour to complete depending on your dexterity.  Depending on time constraints & lens availability this may not be possible at the initial appointment and a further appointment will be scheduled. The initial fitting charge of 60 includes the lenses and relevant solution for the trial.

3) You will then trial the lenses over the next 1-2 weeks and be asked to return for your 1st aftercare appointment wearing your lenses after this period (there is no additional cost for this appointment as it is included in the initial fitting charge). At this 20 minute appointment a comparison is made from your original ocular health.  If you are happy, and as a practitioner we see no problems with the eye, your first supply of contact lenses (and solutions if applicable) can be ordered.  This initial supply will be provided by us, as part of the contact lens fitting procedure, with a discount of 25 applied to the normal cost of the lenses. As a new wearer we must see you again for a 2nd aftercare appointment usually between 3-6 months, again to compare the ocular health.  This is essential as a settling in period cannot always be achieved quickly.  Patients who may have dryer eyes for instance carry higher infection risks and it is therefore crucial to see the eyes over a more frequent period.

After this 2nd aftercare, if we are happy we have achieved a satisfactory fit with no sign of ocular damage, you can continue to order your lenses by 3 different options

1. We can continue supplying you with lenses and regular aftercare appointments. Aftercare appointments, for which we usually charge 35, are provided free of charge to our Monthly Contact Lens Scheme members who are also entitled to free replacement of lost or damaged lenses and a 20% discount on the cost of complete prescription spectacles/sunglasses.  There is a minimum of 60 pairs on daily contact lenses to receive the 25 discount. Alternatively,

2. Pay as you go option is available.  This will not include the Monthly scheme benefits.  Aftercare appointments are charged for separately at 35.

3. You can be issued with your Contact Lens Specification, after the completion of the 2nd aftercare appointment to which a charge of 35 is payable. This will enable you to buy your lenses from an alternative source.  Any further aftercare or emergency visits will carry a separate charge, currently 35 per appointment.  Please note that the supplier of your contact lenses will be responsible for ensuring that you have completed the relevant aftercare appointments, ensuring continued good ocular health on a yearly basis.

*New patients include anyone not currently wearing contact lenses or current wearers unable to provide us with written confirmation of a Contact Lens Specification from their previous opticians. A current Eye Examination is also required.

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